Webinar: Improving IoT Data Storage Reliability with e-MMC
Webinar: Improving IoT Data Storage Reliability with e-MMC

Improving IoT Data Storage Reliability with
KIOXIA’s e-MMC Managed Flash Solutions

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The IoT market is driven by low cost devices involving sensors, meters, robots, wearable devices and consumer electronic products. e-MMC memory is quite suitable for such applications because of its low cost and ability to act as a replacement for traditional storage media.

The e-MMC standard was developed to simplify application interface design by moving the flash controller interacting with flash memory into the memory itself. The simpler design benefits IoT memory developers by reducing the footprint for memory devices and providing a cost-effective solution.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Reduce drive cost and increase endurance with pSLC
  • Calculate write/erase cycles to estimate lifetime and data retention
  • Evaluate e-MMC features and options for various IoT applications
  • Lower cost per bit by switching from NOR to e-MMC

Webinar Presenters

Clayton Huff

Clayton Huff | KIOXIA Technical Sales Manager | Automotive, OEM, Industrial, IoT

  • BSEE | Georgia Institute of Technology
  • BS Physics | University of West Georgia
  • Over 10 Years of Embedded HW Design in Telecom Industry
Kevin Hsu

Kevin Hsu | KIOXIA Applications Engineering Manager

  • 20 years memory industry experience, 15 years in flash
  • Held various roles in applications engineering, marketing, and sales
  • BSEE | University of California, Los Angeles

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